I have been a children's book illustator and author now for nearly ten years now.  I live in London and share a studio with other artists. I also visit primary schools where I lead creative writing and art workshops. When I am not working on my books and talking to children, I like to perform comedy improviastion for fun, which basically means getting up onto the stage, playing games, making it up as I go along and being silly in front of an audience! When I am not showing off you can find me walking in the countryside, talking to birds and any other animal that will stop to have a chat. I'm also very fond of sausages and beans and I love a cup of tea with a slice of cake!


Lawrence is the best hairdresser in the jungle. Everyone loves him................. EXCEPT MARVIN. So when Lawrence is invited to do the hair of a Very Famous Giraffe, Marvin SPOTS the perfect opportunity to make some MISCHEIF........ 

Will fur fly? Find out in this super stylish, fun-filled jungle comedy!

  'The Big Hair Affair'     Published by Gullane Childrens Books - 2012





Click below to watch me read "The Big Hair Affair" for Booktrust's 'Storiestour' at Walthamstow Central Library.